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From pioneer to trendsetter in professional dry cleaning

Founded in 1952, White Rose Dry Cleaners is Kenya’s premier dry cleaner and the largest company of its kind in East and Central Africa. The company has gained broad recognition through its network of over 50 branches that include processing units, collection points and franchises in every major city in Kenya and Uganda.

The White Rose story began with a simple idea: enable access to anyone seeking world-class professional dry cleaning services. White Rose has maintained its market leadership for over 65 years through continuous investment in the latest dry cleaning equipment, through constant staff training and empowerment, and an obsessive dedication to providing our customers with world-class services. This has become known as the ‘White Rose Way’ and has set the standard for professional dry cleaning in Eastern Africa. White Rose has evolved from being the pioneer and trendsetter for professional dry cleaning into a national reference point for garment care.

Our blueprint for sustainable growth

1. Ensuring the highest quality in dry cleaning

When customers experience our services, they experience quality and stay with us for generations.

For White Rose, delivering services in a sustainable way means managing our business in the best interests of current and future generations. It means balancing the needs of the environment, our employees, our customers and society as a whole

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Our blueprint for sustainable growth

2. Creating sustainable business growth

We have a comprehensive recruitment process and take pride in that only the very best people become part of the White Rose family.  Monthly training and innovation sessions mean that the organizations goals and strategies are effectively communicated and that all levels of staff participate in the Company’s future.

In an effort to encourage entrepreneurship and job creation, we partner with like-minded individuals to offer franchised dry cleaning services across the country. With a wide network of unit shops and collection points, White Rose is able to maintain its countrywide and regional presence

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Our blueprint for sustainable growth

3. Creating long lasting relationships with customers

Our consistently high quality and dependability have created a strong and lasting bond and deep loyalty with our customers.  Our customer are strategic partners in our growth, and we continually engage with them to find out how we can improve their experience with us, and anticipate their future expectations. These lasting relationships has created the loyalty from which we thrive as a brand.

Loyalty cards available for inner circle members enable them to enjoy different
discount packages from time to time

Our passion for quality and for exceeding our consumers’ evolving expectations has been the driving force behind our sustained growth. 

As we move forward, we will continue to seek out opportunities to interact directly with our customers by providing innovative, personalized services. We will also continue our select geographic expansion in order to bring the White Rose experience closer to consumers all over  East Africa.

We have a passion for quality, innovation and privileged relationships with consumers