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At White Rose, we believe that the competitiveness of our company and the well-being of the communities with whom we collaborate are mutually interdependent. Our policies and practices leverage our core capabilities in ways that contribute to both social progress and the economic success of Kenya.

Impact Stories

White Rose (CSV) Impact Stories share the personal accounts of individuals and communities transformed by inspiration from the White Rose Way

Impact Stories

" Serving society is more important that serving yourself; giving will bring more joy than receiving and even as society changes and becomes more individualistic, I never want you to forget what it means to be part of this family "
- Mr Habib Keshavjee, White Rose Founder

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Impact Stories

In the 1960’s White Rose issued shares to long-serving staff members, free of charge, as a bonus.  In a country that had just achieved independence, this was a gesture that demonstrated our belief, trust and support of our country.

Impact Stories

In the 90’s, White Rose played a part in the creation of an award winning Social Enterprise 
called Honey Care Africa.  It was the lack of income generation activities in rural areas that inspired White Rose's current Chairman’s co-founding of Honey Care Africa, which to date has brought over 12,000 smallholder farmers across East Africa above the poverty line.

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Impact Stories

White Rose also helped establish and continuously supports the Hawkers Market Girls Centre, a community based organisation that works in partnership with other organizations to enable girls and young women to develop their fullest potential by providing them with both vocational and life skills.

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