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Creating Shared Value AT WHITEROSE

At the heart of White Rose is the pursuit to inspire, nurture the human spirit and engender a culture of belonging, inclusion and diversity

Values In Business Practice

What made White Rose stand out was the values of its founder, who said, “serving society is more important that serving yourself; giving will bring more joy than receiving. When facing a difficult decision, always do the right thing for the common good, above the self. When you look deep in your heart, you’ll know it’s the right decision – and it will give you joy, and when you have a cause greater than yourself, it unleashes a kind of intelligence, a courage, and a luck that will astound you… it’s the way the world works.  

‘And even as society changes and becomes more individualistic, I never want you to forget what it means to be part of this family’

White Rose asks of its family, what are you offering? With what intention This 'family’: what did he mean by this word? Was it just his brothers, sisters and their children, all refugees from South Africa? No, the larger more dynamic White Rose family. A family of people from all cultures, all backgrounds and different walks of life who understood and lived "The White Rose Way". Are you offering it? Does it help the larger good? How much more can you do more for the people you are serving? 

These were the questions that drove an infant company in the 1950's into the 21st century digital age, leaving all its competition behind.

We live by providing outstanding service, uncompromising quality, fierce loyalty, un-bending integrity, enormous courage, social justice and compassionate care for each other.

These are the values that stand out today and continues for over 100 years. ‘The rope that binds the White Rose family’. White Rose feels it; the customers have felt it decades from the 1950’s. Their children and their children's children feel it today, as they walk along the street enjoying the fond memories of experience. The familiar scent, the sense of home, the friend behind the counter, the feeling of confidence when wearing a freshly dry-cleaned suit, a friendly shelter from the rain, a concern for the larger good.