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Various areas which elaborate our commitment to environmental sustainability and creating opportunities for the East Afrcan community and beyond


Entrepreneurship Opportunities

For most entrepreneurs worldwide, selecting the right business to launch is not easy. Although there are many factors to take into account, the most important is finding a business that offers exceptional growth potential and a great likelihood of financial stability.

At White Rose, we are committed to creating pathways to employment and self-employment opportunities in communities around East Africa

Through our Franchise model, we enable entrepreneurship thus making job seekers into job creators. Do you have the desire and drive to succeed in owning and operating a profitable business? If Yes, White Rose Dry Cleaners is looking for You!

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Community Services

As our business prospers and more people embrace White Rose dry cleaning services, we share our success by giving back to communities. We focus on activities that provide hope and empower the communities we serve. These activities build upon our strengths as a company, and reflect our belief that we can make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of others.

Our outlets allow our employees and customers to connect and tap into shared passions to provide a helping hand and create meaningful experiences that can strengthen individuals and communities.

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Employee Engagement

White Rose has 64-year history of making lives better through our services, and we strive to create a similarly positive experience for our 300+ employees around the country. Their creativity and enthusiasm are vital to our success.

We want our employees to be highly engaged and motivated. To achieve this, we provide wide-ranging opportunities for learning and development through different training programs and workshops locally and internationally. 

We foster a culture of open, two-way communications, where senior managers communicate frequently about company strategy and our progress. We compensate and reward our employees competitively, invest in their well-being and health, and maintain the highest safety standards in our offices and facilities nationwide.

Ethical Sourcing

When customers choose White Rose, it’s an act of trust that our services are provided safely, under fair labor conditions, and without ethical compromises. We honor this trust by combining industry best practices, strategic partnerships, and strict auditing standards to respect the safety, well-being, and dignity of workers.

Responsible Marketing

We market our brands to our consumers in a responsible and appropriate manner. We pay close attention to how we market and advertise our products. Beyond the services rendered at our outlets, our responsibilities to consumers extend to the content we provide through our website, television advertisements,motion pictures, outdoor advertising, digital and online media. 

To keep our customers’ trust and confidence, we have internal processes in place to oversee content development and meet applicable privacy laws.


Environmental Sustainability

At White Rose we recognize that our business has an impact on the environment. Our commitment to environmental sustainability has led us to evaluate and reconsider every element of our business – in search of opportunities to continuously improve. As we improve our environmental practices, our company grows stronger overall – through more efficient processes, lower operating costs, and a greater focus on innovation across our brands.

Good Governance

White Rose takes pride in being a responsible company – it is part of our culture and heritage. Operating with high ethical standards and a strong Code of Conduct keeps our company accountable to stakeholders and aligned with our core business values. We comply with all relevant laws and conduct our business with honesty and integrity.

Multiplying impact with honesty, integrity, and transparency

Listening and collaboration are vital to our business success. We engage often with many stakeholders both inside and outside our company, based on their expertise and relevance to issues of material importance to our business. We use their feedback to improve our business and inform our evolving CSR agenda.

The values of the greater White Rose ‘family’ are enshrined in our HR policies.  These are:

✓  Promote ethics and values
✓  Promote a healthy lifestyle 
✓  Empower staff by mentoring/coaching
✓  Understanding meritocracy.
✓  Creating an environment for open communications and welcoming innovative ideas
✓  Develop Emotional Intelligence 
✓  Develop a culture of continuous learning 
✓  Value diversity
✓  Ensuring effective and fair conflict-management

These values have infused the ethos of the next generation and hopefully of future generations of the White Rose family. We have a straightforward strategy for being an ethical company. This includes following industry best practices in how we govern our operations, and implementing policies, processes, and training across the company that give our employees the guidance they need to behave ethically at all times.