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For more expensive and delicate pieces that have sentimental value or are considered “investment pieces” White Rose Dry Cleaners offers Blue Diamond Service; a custom process that our garment specialists perform to ensure these special pieces are kept in pristine condition.
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My Clothes

Exclusive and customized cleaning for individuals and households


Executive Shirt Laundry

Start each day with a fresh, professionally pressed shirt.  No starch to heavy starch, folded or on hangers…we’ll launder your shirts just the way you like them.

We take special care of your shirts using only the most gentle, textile-friendly procedures, stringently separating your shirts to prevent fading, while making sure that your shirts are always looking new. 

No Stains….No Creases….Ready to Wear

“There’s just this unique fresh smell that would come with my father’s dry cleaning when I was a child. To this day, I still dry clean with White Rose”  - Clementine Ndibo


Business Attire / Formal Wear

At White Rose Dry Cleaners, our quality is unbeatable and your complete satisfaction is our number one goal. Every suit is accorded special individual attention to achieve highest quality. 

Throughout our many years of experience in the dry cleaning industry, we have acquired immense fabric care knowledge to protect your clothing investment. 

We remove stains and odors using solvents that are tough on dirt but easy on the fabric. Be it your silk Versace or cotton Armani suit, we will clean your suits with the utmost care, leaving them smelling fresh and lasting longer.

“Whether you’re a first time customer or a frequent user, you’re always treated like family. It’s no wonder White Rose has been around since the 50s”  - Caroline Nyaruai


Specialist Dry Cleaning

Bridal gowns : At White Rose, we understand that your wedding gown is a treasured heirloom that must be preserved in commemoration and celebration of that special milestone in your life . Our specialist service includes meticulous, hand-finished cleaning and pressing with renowned attention to detail to your cherished gown, making sure we preserve  it along with the special memories 

Leather & Suede : There is nothing more exotic and luxurious than your treasured Leather and Suede garments, hence proper care is essential. Our highly trained and knowledgeable staff devote countless hours to ensure that no stain will degrade and damage your garments as we understand these fabrics are considerable investments. Our processes restore your fabrics giving them a long life, making sure your leathers & suede continues to look their best.


Household and Casual Wear Dry Cleaning

Whether your casual clothes and home furnishings are custom-made or off-the shelf, they need a thorough cleaning from frequently to extend their useful life. At White Rose Dry Cleaners, we provide your household items the tender care they deserve.

Curtains and Drapery : Because we know how important draperies & curtains are to your home’s decor, we strive to clean them with the highest level of care, carefully examining them before undertaking any cleaning procedures to inspect for wear and tear caused by sunlight, humidity or age. In today’s changing climate, it’s important to maintain clean household linens and upholstery to reduce allergies. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that from bed linens to tablecloths, our cleaning professionals at White Rose will handle your items with care.

Casual Wear : We're not casual about casual clothes. You can wash your casual clothing at home, but the amount of time spent doing that along with the most daunting household chore - ironing - only takes time away from family and other important pursuits. 

We have the skills and technology to make your clothes look and feel great by creating a crispiness that simply cannot be reproduced at home. Even in casual surroundings, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Service Packages

For Professional Care

Enhances and preserves the garments’ original colours and texture
Reduces wrinkles and crease formation in your garments
Prevents dust accumulation within the fabric fibres
Revitalizes limp and lifeless garments to a like-new condition
Cushioned press pads provide extra protection for buttons and trimmings

For Extra Special Care

All components of VIP service and much more are included
Plastic hanger and heavy gauge polythene
Cleaned in separate clusters, Minor repairs done free
Zips lubricated, Inner lining ironed by hand
Buttons tightened and a pocket chief is provided
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All components of VIP, Golden service and much more are included
A designer suit hanger will protect the natural shape of your garment
A personal customer care representative is responsible for your garments
A textile garment expert checks your garment and advises on cleaning
Your delicate garment is placed in protective netting for exceptionally gentle cleaning and button protectors are used on each button

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